Saturday, February 7, 2009

fish spa!

the fish spa was great! :) cost us rm28 per person. so expensive as Tribal Remedy is the only place yang ada fish spa. afiq was so gelik with the fishes so he wasted half of the session ew-ing! ahahaa and we did try to tangkap the fishes with a mineral bottle. haahhaha. after that fish spa, we went to Spring and had our ice creams at Desserts. YUMMY! teh c special and blueberry cheese cake flavours are so nyaman.. i wanted to buy more but duit tidak mengizinkan. hahahaa. then we just jalan2 here and there, and we ended up duduk kat Big Apple untill 7pm. even when Wawa the only one who bought something there left, tu pun actually take away i think. HAHA. Mya and Sonia were so hyper today, they went crazy with the escalators (is this the correct spelling? hahaha) and were laughing kedak org gila on our way back. after sending Afiq and Mya home, Sonia and Ween were hungry so we singgah McDonald for double cheese burgers and i was extremely shocked mama didnt call to ask me to balik now. for the first time, SHE DIDNT ASK ME TO BALIK NOW. she just called to ask my whereabouts and lamak agikkah nak pulang. LOL. Afiq was also surprised and he wished me congratulations! hahahaa. meanwhile, Syahadah called and she's in town. i want to see her soo badd. oh how i miss her! i hope she jadi datang to my house tomorrow morning before she balik camp. im also hoping to see Badd tomorrow evening. rindu. hmmmmmmmmmmm. :(

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