Saturday, January 17, 2009

after a few months. after spm.

the last time i updated my blog was like way before SPM. and now its like 2 months over. haha.
a lot of things have changed for this few months of doing nothing. im glad im finally done with SPM and all the bengkels for my driving license. :)

i actually miss the moments when i was still in school. i miss to be in a rush when i was alwayss late to school, extra classes. most of the time, i miss the dramas in school, when we will talk about them on recess in Afiq's class, 5 Sapphire. and shared our food. oh moha's KUEWTIAW! superr nyaman! rinduuu! :( but im very thankful to God as there are still juicy stories to talk about even though WE are no more in school. LOL. oh ya, i miss MISS CHEN!! "nadzirahh, have u copied my notes?" haha.

  • i cant wait to get my driving license. yeay yeay. :D
  • wondering where is everyone.
  • hungry. =.=
  • can't sleep.