Monday, March 31, 2008

boring mondayyy

okayyy. i didnt hafal my oral at all. so, today, my team came up with a new topic. it wasss the topic from our school's perbahasan. lol! even though it was a last minute work, my team managed to get an A . hoorrayyy. :D ive been drawing my interference wave diagram since 9.00am. and till now, its 6:31 pm. i havent came out with a good diagram. *sigh* im quite slow la today. actually not only today, it happens all the time. but today, SLOWER. hahahaa.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

not an ordinary sunday

today was not an ordinary sunday for started fine. went to the sunday market. kittens at the market caught my attention. i cant wait to buy them. typical? hmmph. todayyy. i left my keys inside the house. GILA i tell you. so, my aunt told me to climb up the gate and bukak rumah, ambil kunci. i was super scared. scary stuffs started2pop on my mind. well. anything can happpen! Luckily, afiq came to the rescue! hahaaa. not afiq afiq. but the other afiq who's in kch now. haha! he helped me and climbed the gate. such a superman. yeay afiqq :D oh yaa, i bought the yummy yam cookies today. and i watched the movie, music and lyrics for the fifth time dy.m starting to hafal the dialogues already.oh speaking of hafal, i need to hafal my oral. shit. i know my blog is so stupid, but oh wells. im not good on writing. so please dont expect anything good. k laaa. i need to iron my stupid uniform. *sigh* byee!