Friday, October 29, 2010

stone age

it had been ages since i updated my blog. omg i think it is like almost a year. what the eff. -___-

Since the last July, I joined Certified Accounting Technician program in UiTM SHAH ALAM. When i first joined accounting, everything was quite different to me and i was "DEBIT? CREDIT??" and also i didn't like this place before because of the strict rules and the guards. but slowly, now I'm getting used to the guards, and i have made a lot of new friends here. I have 5 room mates including my kakak sulung Sera Qistina. So including me, there are 6 persons in my room. I'm really glad that we all bonded nicely. We are quite close to each other, so my room feels like home :)
Being here, without my other sisters, is just really sad. I really hope that they will join me soon. Afiq is also here in kl, it is quite a distance between shah alam and kl but we still each other very often. And ALSO i miss my cousins here. we haven't met since raya even that we walk on the same land -_- since i joined uitm, i go back to ampang almost every weekend. oh and here i met this guy, Omer, he's from Sudan, i really like him. and the coolest part is he has a twin! haha. so like now we are currently dating.


one week cuti uols!


i passed my T1 paper :D had my T2 paper this morning, and seriously i think i failed. T2 is something to do with management information. GOD. please at least lah passing mark. :( have to study later tonight, gonna have my maintaining financial transactions paper this Monday. haiyohh.